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I'm just getting back from a 9 day trip that included stops in New York City, Manchester, Hull, Bradford and London. I’m so thankful for the prayer and support of our @genonemovement family that allows me to do this. I had nine scheduled meetings and countless moments of loving those around me on trains, planes and automobiles. I was hosted so well by my new British friends and I wanted to say thank you to Prayer Storm, New Hope Bradford, Mark Curtis, Revive Church and Elim Wimbledon for being gateways of love and opportunity. I also met beautiful people from France, Iraq, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Russia, Portugal and more as I travelled about. The thing everyone has in common all over the world is that they want to be heard and loved. I ministered to a man from Iraq who's village was destroy by Isis and he expressed so much gratitude for all the US has done to help protect and rebuild his nation. He may or may not be informed with all the information, but as a local speaking... I was encouraged greatly. He let me pray for him while being a practicing Muslim which was brilliant! Three Brits invited me to dinner after encouraging them at the train station. One was Muslim, another Catholic with the last being Buddhist and the most hungry to know more behind the prophetic encounter she had just received. The gospel was easy! 
My main priority was spending time with influential church and ministry leaders, serving them and their teams. I love coming behind powerful people and contributing small things that help them advance in the journey of looking more like Jesus in relationship and function. The U.K. is in good hands. Love you across the pond and thankful for this season of my life! 

Do you have a call to disciple nations? Do you want to travel with us as we impact the world?  We would love to take you with us in the next 12 months as we say yes to our corporate call to the Nations.  Send a request for information here if you’d like to get our forthcoming updates about travel opportunities.  


Drew Neal 


Identity Theft: Stolen or Given?

I read a comment on a social media status update the other day discussing the topic of identity. The comment basically stated that if everyone would just get their eyes off who they are in Christ, and turn simply to who God is, that it would somehow fix what they believe are problems with the message of identity. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how human nature thinks throwing out the baby with the bath water is a solution finder – throwing out the whole message of identity, dismissing it as a “selfish” topic. I think there’s a massive need in the body of Christ to know who they IN Christ. Comments like the one I read are generally statements of ignorance. Knowing who you are in Christ is founded on the expansion of God’s nature as a greater reality in your life. You can’t know who you are unless you understand what/who you were patterned after, and the message of identity is never separate from this understanding. Confusion in identity is centered on lies that set in to try and steal from us our dominion and authority on the earth as heirs. We don’t have to choose between powerful believer or powerful God; it’s both. A “powerless believer” is an oxymoron, and it is the enemy’s greatest weapon. It is mediocrity as its best. There is so much more, and as I stated in my last post, I have a healthy dissatisfaction that is pushing me to discover the fullness of the kingdom as my present reality. 

I believe the church has suffered from a bad case of identity theft.

I’m not a big “enemy” guy. The devil this, demons that and the infamous “I’m being attacked every day” stuff has never sat right in my spirit. I found early on that a devil-conscious reality brings a lot of devil and not very much Jesus. Although, the trap in this stance is thinking the enemy isn’t real and that we get to skate by scott-free. There is a need to understand the enemy has come with an agenda to steal, kill and destroy. I believe his greatest position is getting us to believe we aren’t made in the King’s image, and that we don’t have authority over him. The only authority the enemy has is what we give him. Jesus said that God was greater in Him than Satan on earth, and then he invited us to “abide,” or simply stay, in this reality of God’s greatness. When we aren’t walking as a powerful companion, the alternative looks like a shameful beggar outside the city walls with no invitation to the table. When we accept this identity as a weak, filthy-rags, disinherited, confused and powerless orphan, we’ve become a victim of identity theft. Our name and authority is being used in a way it wasn’t designed to be. The difference between the modern era of credit cards getting compromised and this spiritual picture being created here is that we’ve literally given the enemy permission to take it.  With this comes access to our authority, dominion, inheritance and brings condemnation, confusion and especially the lie that we've been separated from Father God.  Who would invite a group of hoodlums into their home at midnight and then call themselves victims?
Much of what we feel victimized by actually looks like faith mispositioned rather than stolen goods.  

How would the earth respond if 25 percent of faith-declaring believers of Jesus Christ actually believed that Jesus was the first born among many brethren? If He’s the first, who is the second born of the King? What if 15 percent actually believed they were fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and likeness? It would mean they have a present reality of what His image and likeness looks like, and transformation of every sphere would be on display. This is the substance that will change the world, and Jesus showed us as one man. How much more if we all banded together and took our place as sons? God hasn’t called us to do something ordinary, but extraordinary. Jesus declared that all power on heaven and earth was in His name prior to giving the great commission. Why do you suppose He prequalified His last words to the disciples with this bold statement of His ability? I believe it was because He wanted them to realize that “going” wouldn’t be possible without identifying Him as the power source. This power doesn’t come into our lives because we think we’re filthy rags or just a poor beggar hoping to get the scraps off the table. To be able to handle power, it requires great responsibility, understanding and maturity.  

It’s time to chop off the false humility jargon that is pervasive in the church.  

Fear has set in the church, and we are so scared to acknowledge the divine design of companionship and authority that God has invited us into. Can power ruin someone?  Of course. Can thinking too highly of yourself bring you to your knees? Been there, done that. But, just because power mispositioned can get you hurt, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a right position. Declaring we’re nothing and that anything good in our lives is only God takes away our responsibility to say yes and to lay our lives down. He doesn’t break in and hot wire the car. He comes in through the door after knocking. True humility allows for us to be confident in what we were designed to do, but it always lives in surrender to who God is as the power source. Demeaning the painting doesn’t honor the artist. False humility says, I’m not responsible or powerful, but true humility says I’m powerful because of Him. You can’t have authority and not be in charge, the same you can’t have self-control and then blame God if the outcome is messy.  

We need an encounter with perfect love that casts out fear.  

It’s time to put away childish things and embrace love as a more excellent way. Knowing who we are in Christ as sons is the beginning of transformation. Romans says don’t be like the world, but be transformed in the renewing of your mind that you may prove the perfect and acceptable will of God. We can’t just say what we’re not; we have to be renewed, and then walk it out. The revelation of identity as a son begins with understanding who God is. To have an upgraded perspective of the church, we need an upgraded perspective of ourselves. To have an upgraded perspective of ourselves, we need an upgraded perspective of God. Graham Cooke says the most powerful prayer you could pray is this: “God, what do you want to be for me today that I’ve never known you to be?” Pray this prayer, and then I challenge you to believe that what He shows you about Himself is what He believes about you. He is who you are like.  



Healthy Values on   American Politics

1. God loves the people of America, but God isn’t an American. 


2. God isn’t picking the president, Americans are. Kings and presidents are our ideas. Yea, I know an old testament writer says God can promote or reject kings. Just because He can, doesn’t mean it’s His job. 


3. Believers, please stop fear vomiting on your keyboard. Go do something. Get a law degree or get informed. At a minimum, go vote. The strength of our democracy demands it. 


4. God didn’t create the USA, we did while we stole the land from natives and future Mexicans. 


5. We aren’t the new chosen people of Israel. We are gentiles just like Asia Minor, Haiti, Denmark or India; and God loves each nation. 


6. It’s impossible to hold God and country together as one, you hold them in tension. 


7. God isn’t mad. Judgement isn’t coming from Him in this life. It’s theologically irresponsible to say it any other way. Your unhealthy choices? Those consequences are something to be concerned about. 


8. Sin’s greatest fruit is seen when we decide to rank sin as in saying certain sin demands a response from God and others do not.


9. Abraham was a pagan liar, Moses had an anger problem, David was an adulterous murderer, Solomon had a sex addiction, Esther was a prostitute, Peter disavowed his faith in a public forum. They would have been great for TV and disqualified by evangelicals. 


10. God has been involved with broken leaders since the beginning of time. He’s not intimidated and the world won’t end with either candidate. This is a great nation with great people that are bigger than one person. I believe good overcomes evil. 


11. Capitalism is the greatest movement of charity the world has seen in history. It prioritizes the right that people are responsible for themselves. Study Alexander Hamilton.


12. America isn’t a Christian nation nor are we Godless. We are a tribe of people who are more like God today than we ever have been while in a critical season of transition, so pay attention. 


13. As believers, we hyper-protect things in the name of God as validation for our extreme behavior, but if this behavior is rooted in fear, it misrepresents God’s intentions completely. 


14. Preservation in the name of justice brings restoration. Preservation for fear of the future brings disempowerment. 


15. The government or a candidate won’t fix your (our) problems, we need to fix the government. We are response-ABLE. 


16. It's time to change the way we think. I'll leave you with this quote that many of my friends say: "Who ever has the most hope, has the most influence."