Giving leaders courage and permission to think differently.


This is what I am passionate about. Through each experience I offer, I would love to lead you into a powerful moment of upgrade in your life.

Whether I spend time with your church in person or you experience me through my written and audio content, you are sure to be provoked in thought each step of the way. I have ministered all over the globe and seen people radically transformed by the message of the Kingdom and how it can impact our lives here and now.


About Drew

Drew Neal was born and raised in the Midwest. Him and his wife, Melissa, reside in Oakland, Michigan with their four boys - Ephram, Liam, Graham, and Callam. They are the Senior Leaders of Generation ONE Church ( in Troy, MI and are passionate about bringing both revival, reformation, and restoration to the city of Detroit.

Each year, Drew travels and speaks all over the country and the world as he brings insight and wisdom to local churches, businesses, leadership teams, and governments. He has consulted for so many on how to take the next step as a Solutionary. He loves to dignify, encourage, and empower those around him through each experience he offers.

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