Become a Solutionary.


You have capacity to solve the world’s greatest problems through Heaven in YOU. It’s time to discover you are a solutionary.

Solutionaries are people who adopt a “nation”, dignifies them with insurmoutnable value, and then solve their problems through Heaven’s insight and wisdom. Through all Drew’s travel and investment in churches, businesses, and leadership teams around the world, Drew Neal has one goal: to raise up and develop solutionaries.

Drew truly believes you are a solutionary, and in each experience with him, he will encourage and stir up your heart for all that God has for you.

Check out the different experiences that Drew offers, and discover how you can participate in his next experience and become a solutionary.


Church Development Weekend

Drew would love to invest a weekend into your church. He offers several different experiences, all centered around growth and development of solutionaries.


Leadership Team Development

Fostering growth in leadership is so important. Through various Leadership Development Experiences, Drew will spend time with your team, either remotely or in person, and create connection and intentionality in how to lead from a solutionary mindset.

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Need personal consulting on how to live from a solutionary mindset? Looking for that next step of development for you, or your family, personally? Drew offers various personalized consulting packages that are the perfect it in your development track for becoming a solutionary.