Courage Catalyst

Lately I’ve found myself using the phrase “Courage Catalyst” to explain what I’m doing and who GenONE is when I travel to partner with other organizations.  Over the last year I’ve had the chance to travel to four continents with invitations to speak, train and strategize with businesses and churches. I worked with companies ranging from real estate, financial services, to clothing production.  In the church world I’ve been with Anglicans, Revivalists, AoG, Vineyard, Catholics, Mainline Evangelicals, Seekers, Traditional Pentecostals as well as those theologically “Progressive”. From a national religion (dominant-faith practiced) standpoint I’ve been in Catholic nations, Judeo-Christian nations, Muslim Nations, a Voodoo Nation, a Hindu Nation and Humanist Nations. First world and third world alike… they all have something in common.  They need courage to do the thing in their heart they know is needed to be honest and true to who they are.  

Empowerment is significant today and it’s more alive than it ever has been, but just because you have permission “to do” doesn’t mean you have the courage to pursue.  In our modern time of Monday Morning Quarterback (aka comments on social media) the bounce back to any ideology that calls people to selfless living is exhausting. The number of opinions at times can feel like its more than the population itself. It’s easy today to give ourselves a free pass in the moment to not stand up, follow through and make the hard sacrificial decision.  In turn, we’re left with less-than results, less-than dreams and even more importantly… less-than relationships.  People rarely need to be told what is right, they need someone to love them unconditionally while they pursue doing what they already know to be true.  They need courage. Courage to say yes and courage to say no.  

While not having “arrived” in my church expertise or even having expertise in the exact fields associated with the organizations I’m serving, I’ve found that every leader needs a friend (who also has a lot of organizational leadership experience :) .  A friend who can listen, externally process challenges or ideas, and ultimately say, “I’ll be here when you need me for the long haul.”  I’m honored to serve leaders in this capacity because we are often bigger on the inside than we are on the outside. Practically, I help thinkers think, dreamers dream and leaders lead -which in turn is changing products, leadership teams, cultures, family members and more. It’s transforming lives by giving courage to get what’s on the inside on the outside. This is my passion and one of the great strengths of Generation ONE.  

I’m honored to serve you in: 

Culture Development (leadership and supernatural )
Team recruiting and assembly
Relational government structures
Apostolic and Prophetic outcomes
Change Management
Generational Transition
Core Value Discovery
Taking the biggest risk of your life

Leaders, you know the greatest seasons of our lives often require the biggest risks we’ve ever taken. Don’t wait for later. Dream it today. Define it today. Pursue it today… and I’ll be your friend by catalyzing the courage inside of you.  2018 is going to be a huge year, lets do this.   


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