It's Not Time To Forget

I had the pleasure of being with leaders in Darmstadt, Singen, and Nuremberg in Germany as well as Zurich Switzerland in November and can I just say this:  The church in Europe is coming alive in profound ways, especially in Germany.  Churches are growing and igniting Kingdom valued cultures.  

I really believe that there is a generation of leaders emerging our of Germany than is going to be a significant player in leading this next move of God.  I’m so humbled to serve, love and grow with all the friends and powerful people that are working in that part of the world.  

I also had the recent opportunity to meet Jonathan Welton for the first time.  Excited to get to know his academy staff and family more in the future.  Excited things coming there.  He’s another example of the new breed of leaders God is raising up.  

The church is about to explode.  New inheritance and favor are here.  It’s time to believe God for BIG things. What’s the situation in your life that is “fully dead”?  If it is fully dead, that means it’s fully ready to come to life.  Time to dust off some old dreams and visions and breathe life into them.  There’s new life in the international church and in the generation of leaders rising.  Time to believe God for BIG things.  


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