Times & Seasons

It’s been a tremendous year so far.  We are four months in to 2018 and everything in my life is building tremendous momentum unique to other years… tremendous synergy.  I’ve always had my hands dipped in a lot of things, but the weakness has been that it has spread me thin on lasting impact.  About a year ago, the Lord began to show me how to bring together a few of my worlds that rarely interacted - and it is starting to pay off. I’m so excited to begin to see the fruit of this, but I’ll share more of that in the coming months.  Here’s an update and encouragement from some of my travels this year. 


My global family is growing, which means Generation ONE’s global family is growing.  January saw fit to get me back in Texas where I got time with Kingdom Life leaders in San Antonio, Freedom Life Leaders, a church in Austin,  True Life Leaders in Round Rock, and Waco School of Transformation leaders and students in Waco.  Central Texas is on fire and I’m looking forward to more time there in July.  

Later that month, Jon Hazeltine of New Life Grand Rapids, Daniel Budzinski of Compassionate Touch, and Generation ONE were able to come together for a week of learning and leading in the country of Haiti.  On the ground we were received by Mission Of Hope, Wahoo Bay Resort, and some dear Haitian friends.  Joseph Bataille came along with national leaders to do our training on discipling nations in and around the transformation projects we were leading.  High school students were led in an identity course called Purpose, mobile medical clinics were championed for 4 days, and multiple business were initiated by local Haitians, with our support.  It was a life changing week and a touch of what’s to come as I continue to take people around the world to study abroad.  

February was full of wondrous adventures as new friends Mark and Allison Curtis invited me to join them for their annual ‘Passion for Jesus Conference’ in greater Manchester, UK.  I enjoyed time with Andrew Murray, Adam Graves, James Aladiran and a host of other churches. Here, I really felt like there was permission granted to see the kingdom in a new way.  Over the next few months we were able to be in Canada, Redding, and get some time away with friends in Florida with our families.  

As a local church, we’re in a visitation of readiness.  So much positioning is happening and redefinition is yielding so much fruit for Generation ONE. It is so exciting! Vision is exploding in our house as our next season as a church is becoming crystal clear.  Lots of fun announcements to be made in 2018.  

What Time Is It?

My take away from this year is very simple, yet weighty. In a general sense, the season of redefinition I’ve been prophesying about since January 2017 is still happening, but it’s starting to shift.  My understanding right now: Whatever you need to do, do it.  It’s not a time to be leery of commitment but it’s actually the opposite. It’s not urgent yet, but we need to begin to have in mind what and who we are going to say yes to. Things are going to begin to settle in and become solidified when it comes to mission and purpose expressed for the next cycle or season. I believe that the discovery window will remain open for the next 9 months. Say yes to the Lord, don’t be a bystander. Really big outcomes are available to those who position themselves in the coming wave of transformation, and early adopters will be rewarded well!  

Thank you to all those I wasn’t able to name that have played a huge role in the impact that I’ve been able to make in the nations.  


Failure Defeated