Healthy Values on American Politics

1. God loves the people of America, but God isn’t an American. 


2. God isn’t picking the president, Americans are. Kings and presidents are our ideas. Yea, I know an old testament writer says God can promote or reject kings. Just because He can, doesn’t mean it’s His job. 


3. Believers, please stop fear vomiting on your keyboard. Go do something. Get a law degree or get informed. At a minimum, go vote. The strength of our democracy demands it. 


4. God didn’t create the USA, we did while we stole the land from natives and future Mexicans. 


5. We aren’t the new chosen people of Israel. We are gentiles just like Asia Minor, Haiti, Denmark or India; and God loves each nation. 


6. It’s impossible to hold God and country together as one, you hold them in tension. 


7. God isn’t mad. Judgement isn’t coming from Him in this life. It’s theologically irresponsible to say it any other way. Your unhealthy choices? Those consequences are something to be concerned about. 


8. Sin’s greatest fruit is seen when we decide to rank sin as in saying certain sin demands a response from God and others do not.


9. Abraham was a pagan liar, Moses had an anger problem, David was an adulterous murderer, Solomon had a sex addiction, Esther was a prostitute, Peter disavowed his faith in a public forum. They would have been great for TV and disqualified by evangelicals. 


10. God has been involved with broken leaders since the beginning of time. He’s not intimidated and the world won’t end with either candidate. This is a great nation with great people that are bigger than one person. I believe good overcomes evil. 


11. Capitalism is the greatest movement of charity the world has seen in history. It prioritizes the right that people are responsible for themselves. Study Alexander Hamilton.


12. America isn’t a Christian nation nor are we Godless. We are a tribe of people who are more like God today than we ever have been while in a critical season of transition, so pay attention. 


13. As believers, we hyper-protect things in the name of God as validation for our extreme behavior, but if this behavior is rooted in fear, it misrepresents God’s intentions completely. 


14. Preservation in the name of justice brings restoration. Preservation for fear of the future brings disempowerment. 


15. The government or a candidate won’t fix your (our) problems, we need to fix the government. We are response-ABLE. 


16. It's time to change the way we think. I'll leave you with this quote that many of my friends say: "Who ever has the most hope, has the most influence."


Becoming a Servant Leader