How To Live Out Your Dream

It’s important to maintain a balanced tension between dreaming and planning when in discovery of your future.  I think dreaming is a lost art form and those who are willing to dream along side of God will find that there really isn’t much we can’t do.  (Proverbs says as a man thinks in his heart, so he is!) When we align ourselves with His thoughts and principles, we are a sure fire hit.  I love what Think-Differently says about discovery.

“Appreciate Your Successes: review what went well in the previous season and celebrate your successes. ”  We need to really begin to be people who celebrate success more.  In a culture that more times than not celebrates and exposes failure, we’re in drastic need to think on things that are good!  Creating a culture of reward that acknowledges publicly really builds momentum and favor.  This also creates a foundation for personal development through trust and advocacy that people can succeed as we challenge them in their weaknesses too.  (Listen to my radio show Gravity Network next week for a great series on this exact topic!)

“Unleash Your Imagination: step aside from what you think is possible, and create you life as if there were no boundaries!”  If you can see it, you can believe it.  If it fits God’s nature and greatest desires toward you, it can truly be possible.  There are no limitations to what is possible in our lives.  We really can do all things through His strength.  Don’t get stuck dreaming out of need or temporary satisfaction but dream out of your greatest desires and delight in who HE is. 

“Create Your Vision: move from your ideal fantasy vision of what you’d love to create to a concrete description of exactly what you plan to accomplish in the next season.”  Without vision, we end up self-destructing.  We need a plan and this is where partnership is usually really good to have.  Having other people who you can trust to stand opposite you and build a plan that will help you succeed at the highest level possible is very wise.  You were designed to have a “sweet spot” if you will.  A place that you hum on all cylinders.  Do you have people in your life who willing to partner with you in finding that place?  Don’t settle until your plan has this as it’s greatest goal.  For YOU to succeed and be happy.   Our greatest happiness will found when we are doing what HE designed us to succeed at.  He made you the right way the first time!  

“Validate and Commit: celebrate your vision for this year and the years ahead. Validate that this vision is what you actually want to achieve – and are prepared to commit to.”  This is where all the work is, in our commitment.  The only difference between people who are doing something and those who are not, is the people who are doing something are decided to do something.  This is the action that fortifies our faith.  If you have a plan and it aligns with His greatest thoughts toward you… then DO IT.  God designed you to succeed, but it requires us using wisdom in knowing who we and where we’ll succeed in bearing the most fruit.  Hard work always pays off, but it pays more when we love what we do.  Do what you love and all of a sudden, it start to feel less like work and more like living. 

Celebrate, Dream, Make A Plan & DO IT.  It’s that simple.  What were you created for?  Where’s the place you “hum on all cylinders?”.  What would you do if there were no limitations?  What are God’s greatest thoughts and desires toward your life?   Answer these questions and you’ll begin to build a foundation of discovering the greatest season of your life.  


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