Church Development

If you are interested in hosting Drew for a development weekend for your church or organization, please explore the options below on what types of experiences he offers. To request for Drew to come to your church, or to speak at your conference or event, please fill out the speaking request form below.


Impact Weekend

  1. a. IMPACT: (4-8 Sessions)


    This course is designed to catalyze personal revival within you for the cause of societal reformation in all spheres of influence. Our desire for you is that you would harness how to apply your supernatural destiny into your God-given sphere of influence that heaven would come to earth. Impact will mobilize you as a reformer to bring transformation to people in everyday society, so they can also partake in the abundant life Jesus promised us. We are reaching outside of church walls with supernatural capacity as we solve the world’s problems around us. This requires us a believers to get out of the “event” of God moving through us and the leading of the Holy Spirit becoming a lifeskill. Our mission is to catalyze personal revival within you for the cause of societal reformation and we can get you ready. Many people are believing that they can change the world and we are going to teach you how. We long to empower your so that your encounters with God would not stay within you, but carry solutions to the world. We owe the world an encounter with the living God!

Prophetic Weekend

  1. a. Developing a Prophetic Culture - Beginners Course / 4-8 sessions  
    This course is designed to build a foundation for any community to develop a prophetic culture.  We cover the difference between old covenant & new covenant prophecy, biblical priority for prophets in modern times, the ways to hear God’s voice and the ways to deliver prophet words.  Additionally, we break down the values needed to create a save place for people to grow in their confidence in hearing as well as manage themselves so that their learning doesn’t cause confusion, but strengthens the spirit of prophecy in the house. The simple priority is to demystify the prophetic and make sure that every son and daughter is dignified with the fact they can hear their father’s voice.  

    b. Maturing and Directional Words - Intermediate course / 4-8 sessions
    This course is designed to begin to call established beginners forward into a higher expression of the gift.  We will train on 4 prophetic lenses of insight, oversight, hindsight, and foresight.  Words of knowledge will be activated as well as values for giving directional words. Additionally, we will give great tools for processing and judging prophetic words.  The priority is that accuracy will increase tremendously and those with the gift of prophecy begin to rise in your environment.  This will lead to deeper encounters in the prophetic that will shape the purpose and destiny of people’s lives.  

Apostolic Weekend

  1. a. Beginners Course / 3-6 sessions
    This course is an innovative course on establishing the core values of an apostolic lead culture within the church rather than a pastor lead culture within the church.  While much of the church embraces scripture, we have not embraced a culture of leadership beyond that of pastor.  We will train on biblical outcomes of apostles and build a comprehensive foundation for apostolic ministry outside of church planting. Cities, Nations, and all of heaven are centered in the scope of Apostles. We’ll train you on how to catalyze your environment to begin to take faith filled risk that we wouldn’t just gather in buildings but truly shape the culture around us.  

Kingdom Culture Weekend

  1. a. Church Government / 3 sessions
    b. Power Evangelism / 3-5 sessions
    c. Worship / 3-6 sessions
    d. Supernatural lifestyle / 3-6 sessions
    e. Interpreting The Bible Like A Hebrew / 3 sessions
    f. Church Services Unlimited / 3 sessions
    g. Relearn Jesus / 3 sessions
    h. Relearn Father God / 3 sessions
    i. Relearn Holy Spirit  / 3 sessions

Generation ONE Weekend

  1. a. Leading a Family Government in Church / 3 sessions
    b. Transition/Change Management / 3 sessions
    c. Leading with 3 Generations/ 3 sessions