Kind Words From Hosts


Andy Cox Darmstadt, Germany

Senior Pastor, CZD


"I have known Drew for over 5 years and have been tremendously blessed by his (almost) yearly visits. He is a man with apostolic profile who has brought us regularly a word in season. His friendship, insight and encouragement have had a major impact upon our leadership team helping us also move forward in growth as a church.

I recommend his ministry ... you will be blessed!"

Dan McCollam Vacaville, CA

Founder, Sounds Of The Nations

Co-Founder,  Bethel School Of The Prophets

"Having been in vocational ministry the last thirty-two years, you get those rare opportunities to encounter young leaders who inspire an even greater hope for the future. Drew Neal does that for me. He carries an apostolic and prophetic grace together with a heart tenderness for generations that causes him to stand out in the crowd. Drew is a a gifted communicator delivering a powerful impartation of kingdom realities. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Ed Delph Phoenix, AZ

President, NationStrategy


"Every once and a while I run into someone special who has something special to bring to the body of Christ as well as to the community. Drew Neal is that kind of person to me. I came to Drew's church to minister to them. But, I received much more from Drew than I ever gave to him or his church. Drew carries what I call intelligent fire. He combines wisdom and the Holy Spirit and comes up with a 'transformational' experience that doesn't just touch people, it changes people. God uses him to elevate. And that's special."

Steve Backlund, 
Redding, CA

Founder of Igniting Hope Ministries

"Drew Neal is a catalytic influencer who ignites people into vision, purpose, and Holy Spirit power."

Kyle Felke
Valparaiso, IN

Senior Leader
Bethel Church

"Drew came to our church with a message of hope, strength and encouragement to send us into our next season. Drew spoke prophetically over our house and to  individuals awakening dreams that were in their heart and breathing life to areas that seem to be a smoldering flame. Drew is impactful and incredibly powerful both in the prophetic and Apostolic. Drew looks for ways to serve every person he has encounters with. Drew is a man who exemplifies what walking with a transformational perspective looks like. He constantly is looking to see how he can call out and build up the purpose in sons and daughters of God. Drew is an amazing leader and incredibly fun."

Joe'l Cisneros
Austin, TX

Founder of Restore Now
Speaker/Life Advisor

“Drew Neal has an unconditional love and passion for people. He has an ability to communicate with a wide variety of people and cultures. When Drew speaks, or if you’re just around him, you will be changed. He is not only a great friend but one who has made a significant impact in my life. I highly recommend having him at your church, training, or event."

Mark Curtis
Greater Bolton, UK

Team Leader, PFJ Network

"It would be fair to say that our lives will never be the same again after encountering Drew Neal. We had the privilege of hosting him for a week where he ministered in local Churches, spoke to leaders, and was a keynote speaker at our annual conference. Drew came to us with an exemplary attitude. He was easy to host, great fun to be around, and carried a large servant heart. His ministry was thought provoking, challenging, and highly prophetic but grounded in the simplicity of the Fathers love. He has left a tangible deposit amongst us and I would highly recommend him to you."